Do you want to increase stewardship so you can do more in the world?

Do you want to start a new ministry with support from an experienced church planter?

Do you want to develop strong leaders, dedicated volunteers and increase your worship attendance?

We are not therapists. We are not mentors. We are pastors who have grown churches, planted churches, dealt with conflict, led capital campaigns, preached when we were inspired (and when we weren't) and have weathered the daily rhythms of congregational life. Through our four coaching tracks,  we can work with you to ensure that the best days of your church are ahead of you, not behind you:
  • Executive Coaching - One-on-one coaching from one of our nationally known leaders in ministry who will walk along-side you for a year
  • CoachShare - A cost-effective approach pairing 4-6 clergy with similar needs with a ministry coach who has a proven track record and will guide you through the challenges you face in your ministry setting
  • Mastermind Coaching - The "Dream Team" approach that gives you access to a whole team of experts and innovators in the progressive church for webinars, live coaching sessions and guidance
  • Topic-Specific Coaching - Preaching, Renewal, Youth Ministry, Worship, Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, Stewardship and a host of other short-term coaching solutions
If you want to know more about our coaching program, email us or call 888.249.8244.



Teresa Angle-Young

"Teresa is the coach for our group of pastors leading new church start-ups. Her energy and expertise have been so valuable to me that I signed up for a second year. Everything she brings to the table comes from the fact that she's "done it," and she freely shares what has worked and what has not. Her warmth and vulnerability keep it all real. Teresa is more than a strong leader--she's a wonderful person."
- Church Planter, UCC

Jim Latimer

"I entered coaching with Jim Latimer and CPR two years into a tough revitalization ministry. I was anxious and burning out fast. Jim guided me back to sustainability, helping me rediscover my own resources and adding some effective strategies."
- Revitalization Minister, UCC