Welcome to the Center for Progressive Renewal where we believe the best days of your church are ahead of you.

New Church

Thinking of starting a new church? We have assessments, online courses, coaching, training and countless resources to help. You don't need to start a church by yourself. Connect with an entire ecosystem of resources and relationships to help you live your call.

Vital Church

Is your church strong but you are wondering about ways to take it to the next level? We work with hundreds of congregations across the nation seeking a new level of challenge. Our consultants are here to guide your congregation to its next adventure.

Plateaued Church

If your church is plateaued or declining, you are not alone. Many churches are struggling to keep people engaged in their ministries. We can't offer you a magic bullet. But we can offer you hope that new life is possible...with a lot of hard work. Our consultants are ready to help.

Legacy Church

Birth and death are natural parts of life. If your congregation is nearing the end, we can share resources to celebrate what you have been while helping you transition into your next phase. Sometimes the only way to find new life is to die and be reborn.

Engaging and Moblizing Volunteers


Engaging and mobilizing volunteers can feel like a daunting challenge. However, we have found that a few simple questions can make a huge difference.

The most common complaint we hear from volunteers is frustration because they feel like they have to read the pastor’s mind. They don’t know how they are doing and how they can do better. They are unsure who is in charge of what, they don’t get useful feedback, and so they burn out. The solution can be simpler than you might think. Small, informal conversations about performance go a long way – especially when they include teachable moments about different situations and details. It all boils down to asking these six questions of every volunteer... read more


We believe your church's best days are ahead of you.

Our Mission
The mission of The Center for Progressive Renewal is to renew Christianity by training new entrepreneurial leaders, supporting the birth of new congregations, and by renewing and strengthening existing churches.
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