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Starting a New Church?

Thinking of starting a new church? We have assessments, online courses, coaching, training and countless resources to help. You don't need to start a church by yourself. Connect with an entire ecosystem of resources and relationships to help you live your call.

Is Your Church Thriving?

Is your church strong but you are wondering about ways to take it to the next level? We work with hundreds of congregations across the nation seeking a new level of challenge. Our consultants are here to guide your congregation to its next adventure.

Has Your Church Plateaued?

If your church is plateaued or declining, you are not alone. Many churches are struggling to keep people engaged in their ministries. We can't offer you a magic bullet. But we can offer you hope that new life is possible...with a lot of hard work. Our consultants are ready to help.

Is Your Church Dying?

Birth and death are natural parts of life. If your congregation is nearing the <em>end</em>, we can share resources to celebrate what you have been while helping you transition into your next phase. Sometimes the only way to find new life is to die and be reborn.

Entrepegelical Leaders


Cameron Trimble

Rev. Cameron Trimble

Someone snuck into our well-guarded institutions at the end of the 1960s, loaded up our well-protected cheese, and moved it to an undisclosed location.  We in the mainline church have been looking for it ever since.  As church attendance and financial support declines and social relevance comes into question, we scratch our heads and wonder what has happened.  We think about what used to work – the programs that once attracted families with children and the Sunday school classes that overflowed with participants – and we feel sure that if we could just do those programs again, things would return to normal.  We don’t realize that those days are gone forever.

Our effectiveness as the Church lies in the quality of leadership that we are producing in our local churches. You have heard the saying, “it’s all about leadership.” I believe that’s true. I also believe we can do a better job of identifying, nurturing and training the creative leaders we need to take us into the future. We need leaders today to communicate both faith and vision — faith that the Church of Jesus Christ is a transformational organism and vision that inspires within the rest of us a longing for that transformation in our own lives and churches.

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We believe your church’s best days are ahead of you.

Our Mission

The mission of The Center for Progressive Renewal is to renew Christianity by training new entrepreneurial leaders, supporting the birth of new congregations, and by renewing and strengthening existing churches.

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